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Quick Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Modernizing Your Bathroom and Kitchen

After a long day at work, nothing is better than freshening up in your relaxing bathroom and having fun and a satisfying meal in your kitchen with your family. 

If you have any issues with the current layout of your kitchen or bathroom, we can fix it. Turn to the remodeling specialists at Wampler Remodeling to customize and design your kitchen and bathroom according to your convenience.
Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Planning and Customization

If you're lacking space or storage, you can rely on us to solve all your problems with our remodeling services. We’ll take a look at the existing layout of the kitchen and will design it in a way that’ll solve all your storage problems. Our renovation services include: 
  • Floors: It'll create a cohesive look and feel. We can install any type of flooring such as hardwood, ceramic, tile, linoleum, natural stone, and laminate
  • Windows: It will maintain the temperature of your home in any weather and reduce the utility bills. We have a variety of window designs
  • Cabinets: We have an array of cabinetry options. You can also ask us for a custom cabinet that will suit your needs. We make cabinets for spice racks, warming drawers, and a hidden trashcan cabinet
  • Countertops: We have a variety of options for your countertops such as granite, quartz, wood, and marble. Each style gives a new flair to your kitchen
  • Appliances: Upgrade your kitchen with high-end appliances like an in-drawer dishwasher, a prep sink, a six-burner range, or a hidden refrigerator
Bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Renovation Services

It’s nice to have a shower in a modern bathroom that has in-built jet sprays and a heated floor. You can design your bathroom and make it modern with our help. Some of the parts that we’ll remodel are:
  • Countertops: We have a variety of countertops such as stone, granite, marble, and laminate. Your bathroom will be designed based on this selection
  • Cabinets: We’ll construct a cabinet with the required storage based on the type of bathroom - a powder room, master bathroom, or a guest bathroom
  • Bathtubs, Jacuzzi tubs, and showers: Whether it’s a spa-like shower or a Jacuzzi tub, you can choose any type based on the design you're going for
  • Lighting: We install lighting based on your needs. We have a variety of lighting choices such as recessed lighting, vanity fixtures, in-shower lighting, and under-cabinet lighting
We’ll discuss the details of the bathroom and the purpose for which it needs to be remodeled. Based on this information and your ideas for the renovation, we’ll upgrade your bathroom.
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